Film Competition--Submit your entries to EVO Video 2008

Click here to download the EVOFilmcompetition08flyer.pdf.

This competition is reserved to participants in the EVO Video 2008 Workshop.

Submit your entries by embedding them in the designated space below.

Entries must be uploaded no later than 11:00 p.m. GMT on Saturday, February 23, 2008. To work out what time and date that is in your time zone, please click here.

Participate in the poll to select the top three submissions. The poll will be accessible online from Tuesday, February 26, and will close on Monday, March 3. Don’t forget to choose a winner! To vote, you need a password that was posted on the YG. After you have the password, please click here. Make sure you have plenty of time to watch the videos, as there are various categories to rate.

Show & Tell: Where I Live Is like Nowhere Else on Earth.

Topics can relate to the environment, the people, the culture, the wildlife and/or anything that reveals that there are no other places on earth identical to where you live.

Video Format: Entries must take the form of narrated video slideshows and must be no more than 5 minutes long. Feel free to apply all the tricks you learned during the EVO Video 2008 training sessions! (Besides still images and narration, you might want to include background music and some video footage.) Your video must be accessible to public viewing.

The top three entries will be announced on the EVOvideo08 Yahoo! Group & Wiki on Wednesday, March 5, 2008.

Each winner will receive a copy of the Lonely Planet postcard book One Planet (2004).

All times and dates are GMT. Time and date conversion is available here. Voting: A hyperlink to the poll site will be provided on the same page of the wiki where entries must be submitted. Only EVO Video 2008 participants can vote. Participants will be asked to rate various characteristics of the videos according to a rubric prepared by EVO Video 2008 moderators, who will build on the outcome of discussions on the topic of evaluation that will take place during the workshop. In case the poll produces no outright winners, the EVO Video 2008 moderators will decide who wins. Prize: Winners will be contacted and asked to provide a postal address. The prize donated by Lonely Planet will be airmailed to them within 5 working days from the reception of the aforesaid address. Entries: Any interpretation of the theme is fine, but entries must take the form of video slideshows, contain English narration, and be no more than 5 minutes long. Music and video footage are optional. If video footage is included, it must not exceed 20% of total running time. The rest must be made out of still pictures. The Ken Burns effect and any other special effects are allowed. Entries must not contain defamatory or obscene material. All images, text, narration, and music must respect privacy and copyright laws and anything not created by the entrants must be duly credited at the end of the video. If recognizable people other than the entrant(s) appear in the video, the entrant(s) warrant that such people have signed releases.


Landmarks in Our Lives, by Berta

Where I live is Like Nowhere Else on Earth, by Beata