Week 6: Feb. 18 – Feb. 24

This week we’ll wrap up with general discussion. Please complete the EVO Evaluation Survey.
  1. Materials
  2. Activities
  3. Benchmarks



1. Read Nicolas’ letter concerning release forms. Please download the release forms from our YG FILES section and save them for future use.
2. Be sure to complete the EVO Evaluation Survey.This is a small price to pay for having had the opportunity to study online!
3. Continue to add to our Links wiki page, and to add to your own wiki page as you complete future projects. We would all love to see what you do with your students in the coming year.


I have . . .
  • read materials on copyright and privacy issues pertaining to slide shows
  • written to the group about any issues raised by this week's materials or by the course in general
  • completed the EVO Evaluation Survey

Note: This is the last week of the workshop proper. However, next week there is a film festival for slide shows . All workshop participants can submit entries and vote in a poll to choose the best three. You could submit the same videos you have just finished or revised versions of them. Winners will receive beautiful photo books offered by Lonely Planet. The deadline to submit entries is February 23. To know more about this exciting opportunity, please go to Week 7.