Week 5: Feb. 11 – Feb. 17

This week we'll view and discuss the slideshows we have created. Moreover, we will reflect on how to evaluate slide shows and how to use them to support international exchanges.
  1. Materials
  2. Activities
  3. Benchmarks



1. Watch and comment on other participants' video projects and other participants' students' video projects.
2. Now that you've made a slide show, reflect on the process and write to the group -- what was difficult or problematic?
3. Look at the example of a wiki used to support an international exchange. Share any thoughts about it with the group.
4. Are there any other ways in which slide shows could be used to support international exchanges? Share your suggestions with the group.
5. Look at Sergio's sample rubric. How would you evaluate students' slide shows? Share your thoughts with the group.
6. Besides evaluation, are there any other pedagogical issues raised by slide shows that you would like to discuss? Write about them to the group.
7. Take part in our online text chat on slide shows with Kristi Reyes (optional). This will take place at Tapped In. (Date and time to be announced on the YG.)


I have . . .
  • watched other participants' slide shows and provided feedback
  • reflected on my own experience in creating a slide show
  • discussed ways in which slide shows can be used to support international exchanges
  • discussed how to evaluate slide shows
  • shared any other pedagogical concerns I may have about slide shows with the group

Note: Next week is the last week of the workshop proper. However, on the following week there is a film festival for slide shows. All workshop participants can submit entries and vote in a poll to choose the best three. You could submit the same videos you have just finished or revised versions of them. Winners will receive beautiful photo books donated by Lonely Planet. The deadline to submit entries for the festival is February 23. To know more about this exciting opportunity, please go to Week 7.