Week 2: Jan. 21 – Jan. 27

This week we'll view several example slide shows, and read student evaluations of slide show projects. Participants are welcome to share these slide shows with their own classes and post any feedback. If any of your students want to create a slide show during this session to share with participants and possibly other students around the world, they are encouraged to do so! (We're sure to provide positive feedback.)

We'll also touch on photography (the rule of thirds, composition, and editing).
  1. Materials
  2. Activities
  3. Benchmarks



  1. Read the definition of video slide show and then watch several of the Example Slide Shows and read the FAQ about how Sergio's students produced their slide shows. If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to post it to our YG. If the question is for the students who authored the slide shows, please post it no later than January 27. Note that only second-year students are available for questions. Also, note that students may not be able to reply immediately, but will reply by Week 5.
  2. Read the feedback that students who participated in one of Sergio's slide show projects provided to their teacher.
  3. Write to the group -- what are your impressions of the slide shows? Please share the slide shows with your students if possible, and ask them to provide feedback to share with the group.
  4. Check out the Production Overview, Taking Pictures, and Editing Pictures links.
  5. Start thinking about what kind of slide show you want to make. Next week we'll dive into editing software, and start working on our slide shows. Think about what you want to make and TAKE PICTURES / WRITE YOUR SCRIPT THIS WEEK if you can.


I have . . .
  • read the definition of slide show and viewed several of the example slide shows
  • read the FAQ that explain the context in which some of the sample slide shows were produced
  • read students' feedback about this kind of project
  • surveyed the materials that explain the overall production process and software available
  • surveyed the materials that explain how to take pictures and how to edit them
  • written to the group
  • started work on my own slide show