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EVO Video 08: ESL/EFL Video Slide Shows and Vlogging is a free workshop for all teachers interested in learning how to use student-produced video slide shows and vlogs to enhance their classes. Both video slide shows and vlogs can be made available to a wide audience via the web and can therefore become powerful motivational tools. In addition, slide shows can be created in little time with minimal equipment (camera phones and a computer), so they are particularly suited to teachers with limited access to IT resources.Moderators: Ryan Detwiler, Nicolas Gromik, Mike Marzio, Dr. Sergio Mazzarelli, and Geoff Taylor (with special thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith).
Ryan Detwiler

Ryan Detwiler earned his BA in English and TESL Certificate at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 1998 he taught video production to a high intermediate class of ESL students and has been hooked on producing video and web-based content ever since. After living and teaching in France and Japan for a couple of years, Ryan moved to San Francisco, California, to get an MFA in Motion/Pictures and Television at the Academy of Art University. In March of 2005 he founded ESL Video, Inc., an educational software development / production company. He co-moderated the EVO Video 07 workshop.
Sergio Mazzarelli

Sergio Mazzarelli was born in Italy. After graduating from the Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale", he continued his studies in the UK, where he earned his Ph.D. in English from the University of Birmingham in 1996. Since 1997, he has taught a variety of EFL and literature classes at Kwassui Women's College in Nagasaki, Japan. In 2005, he created an experimental Moodle website for his college. This has now evolved into an official site used by hundreds of students. In 2007, he joined the EVO Video 07 workshop and developed a strong interest in video slideshows, which led him to establish the ESL Slideshow Exchange Siteas well as to create the orandazaka channelon YouTube and to upload his students' video slideshows to it. He hopes to continue producing slideshows and expand class exchanges based on them.
He has also taken up photography as a hobby and regularly uploads his pictures of Japan to his flickr photostream.
Michael Marzio

Born and raised in the USA, Mike Marzio did Masters work at New York University in 1969/1970 in English Education. In 1976, he created a language schoolin the south of France for the professional needs of corporate customers. In the same year, he began ESL videotaping and editing, resulting in numerous EFL/ESL comedy sketches including We Mean Business, a co-production with Longman.
In 1992, he began the Real English project, and more recently his blog.
Mike hopes that his practical experience as cameraman, interviewer, and video editor will prove useful to EVO video 2008 participants around the world.

Geoff Taylor

Geoff Taylor trained with International House, has taught adult EFL for over 25 years in Europe, Egypt and the USA, and now teaches full-time at St Clare's, Oxford, England. He got an MEd in Educational Technology and ELT from Manchester University in 2003, and is currently studying web design technologies with He was a keen participant in EVO Podcasting 06 and EVO Video 07 and has high expectations for EVO Video 08. A long time Mac user and keen advocate of the Apple iLife creative suite, he has run on-site digital video filming, editing and DVD-burning courses for students. Visit his long-running student-generated audio (and occasionally video) podcast at
Nicolas Gromik

There is nothing like riding a 1200cc Harley across the Hana winding road.
In 2005, in Cooperation with Elizabeth and Mike Marzio, we started filmediting4esol EVO TESOL, and since then I haven't stopped discovering the benefit of integrating video in the classroom as a project-based activity for advanced Japanese learners of English to attempt as a challenge (see the link for their performance). In 2007, one pair of student produced a 15 minute video on "Orphans in Sendai", and it was submitted in the Sundance Festival; not to win, but go through the whole process of video production from concept to delivery.
In my spare time, I make short documentaries, deliver workshops and presentations on the benefit of video production, also I attempt to deliver online resources.
Welcome to EVO Video 2008, I hope you enjoy the sessions.


I have been teaching EFL for over 30 years. I am originally from Toronto, Canada but have been living in Israel for the past 35 years. I have a BA in English literature and linguistics and an MA in Education, curriculum and instruction. I am currently pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership specializing in curriculum and instruction online at the University of Phoenix. I plan to research instructors' use of technology (audio and video) for instruction at a campus based university. I am interested in teachers' professional development and ways of helping teachers integrate technology in blended learning environments. I use Moodle, wikis, and ning social blogs for all of my high school EFL classes. As a visual/kinesthetic learner, I spend hours on YouTube searching for material to add to my lessons. In addition to my regular job as a high school teacher, I facilitate online courses on WebQuests and e-learning and moderate PAIRS marriage enrichment courses. In my spare time I moderate Doctoral StudentsAddicted to Facebook Help Kenya and e-Learning in Developing and Developed Countriesgroups on facebook and blended learning and instructionsand online instruction on ning.
When I am not online or at work, I run long distance for at least an hour or two everyday. If I follow my daughter's online programs, I will be ready for my first marathon in the summer.
Camila Sousa

My name is Camila Sousa and I am an English teacher in Uberlândia, Brazil I teach English in an Idiom School I have been teaching English since 2001. I am studying my masters degree in Special Needs Education. I use moodle, wikis and blogs for all my classes.
Susan Burg

I teach CALL and traditional English at the Università degli Studi di Firenze as well as other institutions in Florence, Italy where I live. Last year I got my masters in e-learning at the faculty where I teach. I am presently co-moderating another EVO session at evoPowerpoint but can hardly pass this session up!
M.Lorena Recio

My name is María Lorena Recio but I prefer to be called by Lore or Loreley. I'm an English Teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been teaching for some years now and I have learnt about blogs, wikis and yahoo groups last year. I always say, if I had known before, I would have used them with my students. And the same happens with video. I don't know how to use it in my classes so I'm eager to learn. I little bit afraid I won't have the time to cope with everything, but I will try my best to learn and improve. See you all, and just in case, I give you the link to my blog to check what I have done last year and here is the link to the wiki page we had to create. See you all.
Gabriela Grosseck

I am a teacher at university level in Romania. I am not an English teacher but I am an educator interested in web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning. I blog, use wikispaces, Ning and other web 2.0 tools in my activities but I don't have any experience with video things.
Here are some links of mine: blog (edu-blog, kind of personal), wikispaces, ning,, slideshare, scribd.
I do not know how to use video or digital camera with my students so I am here to learn and enjoy the experience.
Kristi Reyes

Hi! About me: I served as a TESOL teacher trainer for the United States Peace Corps in Tonga, South Pacific, 1993 - 1995. In 1997 I received her M.A. in TESOL from Northern Arizona University.
I have taught ESL adult international, refugee, and immigrant students in the San Diego, California area for 10 years (but I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, as you can see in my avatar's photo, at left).
Currently, I am the lead Vocational ESL instructor at MiraCosta College, Oceanside, CA. I incorporate Blackboard (a CMS), podcasting, and blogs (VESL and Digital Storytelling) in student projects. I occasionally include student video. Although it's time-consuming, I'd like to do more with student video production. I recently developed and just started teaching an ESL Digital Storytelling course.
Simon Thomas

I've been living and teaching English (and practicing Aikido) in Japan on and off for about 7 years. I teach at university level in primarily oral communication based classes. From April, I have the opportunity to use CALL facilities and I am excited to be able to use innovative ways to motivate my students to use and develop their English skills, still focusing on the oral aspect while increasing the students' learning independence and ability to self assess.
I have no previous experience in this area and am looking forward to getting my teeth into something new.
Paul Sze

I'm a TESOL teacher educator in Hong Kong. I've been using technology to liven up my work, and encouraging my student teachers to use technology to liven up their language teaching.
Carla Arena
A happy Brazilian!

A Brazilian EFL teacher, explorer of the potential of technology integration into language learning, I started to dig into the possibilities of tech-applications some years ago and have been going on new cyber-journeys with my students ever since. I am a teacher trainer and site content manager at a Binational Center in Brasilia, Casa Thomas Jefferson, but I'm on a leave and living in Key West for two years. I am a blogging fan (or addict!) and enthusiastic Webhead.
When I'm not in the professional spectrum, I'm with my family, having fun with my two little boys and my husband. I love to travel, read, take photos, meet people, have fun with friends, listen to music, sing for fun, and invent different kinds of activities against boredom.
Now, I'm pretty busy, but happily co-moderating the blogging4educators session.
Cora Chen

I am an ESL instructor at City College of San Francisco and I received my master’s degree in English from San Francisco State University. Here is my ESL page
I am excited about having the chance to join Evovideo08 this year. I only have a tiny digital camera with a video function. I would like to explore the possibilities of producing video clips or slideshows in various ways with such minimal equipment.
Berta Leiva

I have been an EFL teacher in Caracas, Venezuela for more than 25 years but had the chance to teach in Milano, Italy, for two years some time ago. I got my B.A. in ESL at Unimet, Caracas and my M.A. in Educational Planning at Boston University. I just spent a wonderful sabbatical year at the University of Toronto, MLC, OISE. At present I work at Universidad Simón Bolívar where I teach reading comprehension of EST to freshmen and courses at our Applied Linguistics graduate program. I have been a Webhead since 2005 and have participated silently in LwC and other Evo related sessions but have found it hard to apply most of the things I have learned, but I keep trying !!!

Nora Brussolo

My name is Nora Brussolo and I'm an EFL teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am currently working at a private secondary level school and I'm enthusiastic about using technology in the classes.
Last year I took the Blogging for Beginners course (with Carla as Moderator) and this year I decided to learn about using videos and PPT (I'm working on both groups).
My experience with using blogs with students was a success.
I hope this year I get new and interesting ideas to try with my students and make learning even more entertaining.
Nina Lyulkun

An EFl teacher at National University in Ukraine. The learners are students majoring in economics. Since 1998 (when the Internet access became available at our university) has been involved into different international projects. Has been still interested in blended learning. Offering online courses for students has created ones in Moodle platform for their autonomous learning. The participant of FoE online project with David Craddol in 1998.
Crazy of learning much about new technologies and implementing them into the educational process.
Since she is a co-moderator of Blogging4Educators session it would be difficult to be an active participants, but will try to do the best.


I am a German and English teacher at a secondary school in Portimao. I have been using computers and the Internet since 1993 and I have learned a lot about the computers’ hardware and software by myself. Then I got a bit tired of knowing about how computers worked and got more interested in knowing about how to use them as an effective tool in my teaching practice. I had been using them for all the teaching work outside the classroom but I wanted to learn how to use these technology with the students and for the students. I started hearing about Web 2.0 in 2003 and soon I realized that these technologies could be of great value for teaching. At this time I started my master studies in Educational Informatics which I finished in December 2006. I met the webheads early in 2007 and they encouraged me to start using social web tools like blogs with my students. I started using blogs with my classes in September. It’s been an interesting experience and I have learned a lot from it. I setup a classblog.

Marcia Martins

Another Brazilian eager to learn more about using techology in teaching EFL. I've been an EFL teacher for 30 years. Most of them wotking for the Brazilian Navy Rio de Janeiro in and a private language institute in Niteroi, my hometown. For the past two years I have been the course coordinator of the English Online Course the Navy offers for military and civilian personnel.
I hope to get new ideas to use with our students.
Ayse Kok

Starting to work as an educational technologies specialist for educational institutions in Istanbul, Turkey I'd like to further enhance my skills and knowledge about this area. I finished my MSc degree in UK, yet I need more practicing now:) This is my first EVO sessions and I am really delighted to meet enthusiastic people here. I look forward to collaborate with you soon.
You can find my personal notes about this session here. I hope you find them useful.
Elise Couper

I'm a former elementary school teacher and reading specialist and now teach ESL at a community college in Maryland, USA where I am also involved with teacher education and professional development. I have an MEd in Reading (former life) and an MA in TESL (current life). I was a 2006 webhead and am still raving about the workshop to anyone who will listen!
Isabel Teixeira

I´m an EFL teacher in a public language center in Brasilia,Brazil. I´ve been working with online collaborative projects since 2000.I´ve already taken an online course about digital movies and my students have produced interesting videos, but it is always good to learn more about such great tool!

Beata Lenartowicz

I am an English teacher at Primary School in Bielsk Podlaski, Poland. I have never taken any online courses but I would like to participate in this one. I would love to learn how to produce video clips and slideshows and then use these skills in my work with pupils.
Debra Lee

I'm an ESP teacher from the U.S. (Nashville, Tennessee). My specialty is Legal English, but I have also taught general ESL/EFL, and other ESPs (business, technical). I have some video editing experience, but it was by trial and error, so I have a lot to learn. I am currently working on a Ph.D. in instructional technology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (USA) and having a splendid time learning new things on a daily basis.