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EVO Video 2008: ESL/EFL Video Slide Shows and Vlogging is a free workshop for all teachers interested in learning how to use student-produced video slide shows and vlogs to enhance their classes. Both video slide shows and vlogs can be made available to a wide audience via the web and can therefore become powerful motivational tools. In addition, slide shows can be created in little time with minimal equipment (camera phones and a computer), so they are particularly suited to teachers with limited access to IT resources.

Sponsors: TESOL Video and Digital Media IS and TESOL Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) IS.

Map of Participant Locations

Getting Started

EVO sessions begin January 14, 2008.

Username and Password
  • Our wiki can be seen by everyone, but only EVO Video 08 participants can edit or create new pages.
  • Click the >SIGN IN link in the top right corner of this page and enter the username and password.
  • Note: the username and password was sent to you in the EVO Video 08 Yahoo Group welcome email. You can also find it here in the FILES section of our YG. (You do need to be logged in to the YG to access the FILES area.)
  • Check out the: "How to add a page to the wiki and link to it from the side bar" tutorial to join in our fun. Participants are encouraged to create new pages as a means to share their slideshows and their reflections on the process of creating such slideshows.

Please click on the links in the sidebar to view our syllabus, pre-session preparation, weekly materials/activities, and participant pages. Thank you!
--Team EVO Video 2008