There are several different types of slide shows. In this session we'll be adding audio (voice over) to our slide shows. Here are some examples:

Examples from the Moderators


Twenty-one examples of student-produced slide shows can be found on Sergio's YouTube Channel:


Oxford, a Visitors' Guide
Matthew and the Climbing Wall
Geoff's Life at Home




Examples from Our Special Guest, Kristi Reyes

Several examples can be found here, on Kristi's wiki page from last year's EVO Video session:
or here:
with ideas for slideshow and digital story projects at

Examples from the Web
(A Personal Profile -- Half Moon Bay Review )
(The local Russian community celebrated harvest with their own flavor and personality. -- The Spokesman Review Video Journal)

BBC Wales Digital Storytelling
Hundreds of digital stories: "Everyone has a story to tell. All over Wales, people are making Digital Stories about real-life experiences and each story is as individual as the person who made it. Each Digital Story is made by the storyteller themself, using his or her own photos, words and voice."

Center for Digital Storytelling: Watch Stories Some excellent examples of photo slideshow videos. The one they use in their workshops is short and powerful: A Digital Story: Momnotmom

YouTube - Cyber Bullies: "A slide show of images depicting the emotional impact cyber bullies have on our society and how we can make a change"

YouTube - Donovan: Universal Soldier (A photo slideshow video illustrating a folk song)

YouTube - People outside the Wire A slideshow from a soldier stationed with the 2-15 in Iraq's "Triangle of Death". A photo journal of the people who live there.

Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (Geoff particularly likes "Stowaway"created by Anna Thorlaksdottir (Scottsdale Community College) a participant in the May 2005 Learnshop): **Bringing Digital Storytelling to the Classroom LearnShops**
  • "Stowaway" created by Anna Thorlaksdottir (Scottsdale Community College)
    "Stowaway" created by Anna Thorlaksdottir (Scottsdale Community College)