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Berta´s very first slideshow using Windows Movie Maker. First I tried to upload it to Teachertube, but couldn´t. So I settled for Youtube. I guess it can be improved, but that´s the way it is for now. Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome ;-)

Kristi's Welcome to Our College slideshow (very amateurish!). I actually created this last spring as a sample for a summer project I wanted students to do (to create their own slideshow as a welcome to our Community Learning Center campus). It never materialized (except as a student-created PowerPoint used in new student orientation sessions, available at ESL Orientation Presentation and a student-created virtual campus tour),so maybe I'll try it again as a student project another time. Some of my students' slideshows (more impressive than mine!) are on my class blog and the first student (an 85-year-old -- it's never too late to learn!) to complete a digital story in my school's new ESL Digital Storytelling class is featured on the blog for that class.

Paul's very first slideshow using Windows Movie Maker. It is really very primitive. But I wanted a sense of achievement by seeing a finished product, before trying the more sophisticated techniques. This is how I got the idea for this video slideshow:
Last year I had a student teacher, called Wing, who joined a voluntary teaching project in a rural area of China. Like many people in Hong Kong, this was the first time she witnessed how the poorer parts of China could be so deprived of resources. Yet, from the faces of the children and the young teachers there, Wing also re-discovered that human smiles can be so pure and innocent. Wing also showed me the pictures she took during the trip. So when I was looking for ideas for my first video, I thought: Why not ask her for the pictures and get her to do a narration for me? She would enjoy retelling the story, and I would have some ready-made materials to use immediately!

Beata's slideshowes are related to two eTwinning projects called "My Job - My Calling" and "Where are our smiles from?". The very first video is titled Girls Love Dolls|Little ; it is narrated by a seven-yeard-old girl. The second one tells about pottery workshop and is titled Pottery in Pictures|Pottery .
Here is one more video tilted Winter Brings Us Play and Fun**//.//** It includes photos, pupils' art works and short films joined together. The slideshow tells about the beauty of winter and pupils' free time activities. You can also watch how Polish pupils enjoy their favourite winter sports.
Where I Live is Like Nowhere on Earth (submitted to Film Festival) is a slideshow which tells about Bialowieza National Park, the top tourist attraction in the region, in the east part of Poland where she lives. It is also her favourite place where everyone can have a rest, be very close to nature and admire its beauty.

During this workshop, Melodie let her students create nine slideshows, and she also created one herself.

Ozge Kara's slideshow is a profile for her e-portfolio.

Cora Chen's blog Dances from the Depths has a series of short videos ( 3 videos so far) about the wonders of the ocean with 3 interactive comprehension check and basic vocabulary exercises for ESL learners at the beginning level.