In conection with EVO sessions i 2008 I will present myself
You will find my personal blog here:
Niels Damgaard in action
Niels Damgaard in action

I am a Senior Consulent working in Norway with teacher and librarians preparing these for running a school library in primary - or in secondary schools K-13. I am NOT an English teacher and is still learning English, so don´t point fingers of my bad writing.
I am educated teacher from Denmark and have been working as a teacher (mostly with immigrants) in Danish as a second language - and with setting up and running school libraries in Denmark, Greenland and Norway. I have been headmaster on a very little school on a even smaller island Christiansø far out in the Baltic Sea - and headmaster on a school for children from Bosnia coming to Denmark in the 90´ties. The last 12 years I have worked together in a national company Biblioteksentralen providing everything a Norwegian library needs to build up and maintain its library.
The last 10 year I have been a extern lector on the University of Agder (Southern part of Norway) running courses on Internet for teachers and librarians who works - or want to work in the public schools of Norway. The last year I am running a 12 month course - the Web 2.0 School - one day a month - providing education for librarians working with the new tools.
Last year I discovered EVO and was lurking at the Web head and Web publishing in Open Participatory Enviroments, as I had to much to do running my own courses.
I used many of the ideas on my own courses here in Norway from this good experience! Thanks, even I was a lousy participant!
This Year I will look forward joining two session in EVO - The Evovideo_08 and the Advanced Tips & Tricks group.