Agus (my daughter) and me

Hi, my name is Lorena Recio and this is the first time I've enroled in an on-line course. I love technology and I would like to learn how to apply video on my classes.
To know a little bit more about me you can visit my blog. I'm eager to learn more and, if I can, contribute because I don't know if I know something you don't.
See you when we start the sessions,

First week

Hi everyone! Here I am again. It's been half the first week and I'm so eager to keep on learning that I don't know what I'll do till next week.
I'm eager to learn how to use (properly) programmes so that I can use them with my students and also with my daughter.
Why do I want to learn so badly? One of the reasons is my students and another one is my husband. He is currently living in Antartica (Belgrano II Base) and the only way to get in touch is through Internet. He'll be there for a year and some months (we don't know exactly how much time). I love preparing videos or slideshows of my daughter and family for him (this is not the first time he's been away so I had a chance to practice before).
What I know I learnt it by touching and doing, so I'm not an expert... far from it, but luckily I'm in this course to learn and explore. I just want to plunge into the course completely and learn cooperatively!
I have read the article and selected all the links from there because I didn't know them and they will be really helpful. I just need time to get acquainted with some of them. I loved the reading passage and I could take lots of things from it, which is why I printed it and put it in my folder (real folder, not virtual) of the course so that I can go back to it whenever I want to.
This is all for now, love to be here, see you around,

Week 6
Hi everyone, this is the second time writing this message because I'm having problems with my PC too.
Unfortunately I don't know if I will be able to recover my files from my laptop, in which I have the slideshow, audio and narration. As I don't know what will happen, I wanted to share my first slideshow. I created it 2 years ago when my hubby was in Bs As while I was in Salta (2 provinces from Argentina).
It is really short because I had to send it by mail. At the time, I didn't know about embedding, blogs, wikis, youtube (just a little) or pages in which you can send files like YouSendIt
It is also in Spanish because my hubby knows very little English and it didn't make sense sending him something in English.
Hope you like it, see you soon,

P.S. I tried embedding the video, but it is taking for ever. I just linked it.