Hello. My name is Beata. I am an English teacher at Primary School in Bielsk Podlaski, Poland. I am an ambassador of etwinning in my region, Podlasie in Poland. My pupils co-oparate with pupils from other European counrties. We have been involved in eTwinning projects for three years and there is a link to one of blogs of our projects:

Video Production


My first video is titled Little Girls Love Dolls It is narrated by Wiktoria, 7, a pupil from Primary School No 5 in Bielsk Podlaski, Poland. This video is a part of eTwinning project called "Where are our smiles from?" and Wiktoria is one of the pupils involved in the project.


My second video is about a pottery workshop and it is titled Pottery in Pictures It is related to eTwinning project called "My Job - My Calling". Pupils from Polish and Maltese schools present jobs, popular in the past and now, tipical to the regions where they live.


The third video is titled Winter Brings Us Play and Fun|]].//]] . It includes photos, pupils' art works and short films joined together. The slideshow tells about the beauty of winter and pupils' free time activities. You can also watch how Polish pupils enjoy their favourite winter sports.


Where I Live is Like Nowhere on Earth (submitted to Film Festival) is a slideshow which tells about Bialowieza National Park, the top tourist attraction in our region, in the east part of Poland where I live. It is also our favourite place where we can have a rest, be very close to nature and admire its beauty.